Week 12

This week I explored Chapter 2 called the ” Basic of Driving”. It deals with the basics before you even get in your vehicle, getting out of your parked position, gears, steering signalling and more. Here are some key points I learned; before entering your car walk around to watch out for any pedestrians, children or anything in your car’s path. While you’re at it check the pressure of your tires and under your car for any fluids. Basically anything that prevents you from operating your vehicle safely. After this lock your doors, adjust your seat, head restraint,and the inside and outside mirrors and then finally put on your seat belt. Then you should turn on your signal light to indicate your moving from the parking lane. I researched this week and consulted other people who have taken this test and asked them how many questions there are on the test and there are 50, i’m also only allowed to only fail 4 questions. This coming week I will do some practice test to review what I need to know. These are some very near basics of driving a car, below is a page of my notes I did this week and a few more things I did not mention in this written blog post.

* just 2 pages for you this week, promise I wont add more wouldn’t want bore you with stuff I already said above.

Week 11

I forgot my book of notes at school over the weekend and could not post my little update progress on Friday, but I will today. Over this week I focused on reading “The Driver Guide to operation, safety and licensing cars and light trucks” I reviewed Chapter 2 this week which was traffic control. I learned the stop colors and what they mean and driving signs ex. stop, yield, etc. One of the things I learned is that when the light is red sometimes your allowed to go for example if you wanted to turn right but its red unless a sign prohibits the driver may turn on red if it stops at stop line and must yield safely to other traffic and then may go. Again, its the same thing for turning left but its a little different because it is only permitted at a red light when your on a one way street and go onto another one way street. Another thing I learned was lane reversal signals if a lane reversal symbol is a red X this means the lane is busy or/and being used by upcoming traffic if the symbol is a green downward arrow this means that the driver is allowed to go down that aisle. These are some very simple and short things I learned this week (of course I learned more but I am summarizing) which are very crucial to learning on how to operate and think smartly while driving. Below is a page of my notes :).

excuse the bad quality I have a Samsung phone :/

Week 10- Progress

This Sunday I went to the Millwoods registry to see if they had any books for me to use to study for my drivers permit/ learners, because it was Sunday it was closed so we decided to go to Mac Insurance and Registry. It was open luckily, and we went inside and there was no lineup so they attended us fast. Unfortunately, they said they don’t give books out anymore as they are available online. I researched online and I found the books I was looking for, so I have started a notebook of notes to help me pass this exam. I realize I’m working on a short time period but I think I can manage to do this, regardless it is something I will have to do in the future. I will be posting an update this Friday on the stuff I learn it will be like Update 10.5. Hope to see you soon and show you what I’m learning.

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Week 9- The Change

I was very worried and concerned on what I was going to do for Genius Hour because If you haven’t noticed I don’t have a project and we have to present in 5 weeks. So at Christmas when all my family was over I asked them for some ideas and let me tell you they had pretty good ideas, but the one I choose was influenced by my Dad. The idea was to learn the drivers guide and pass my learner permit this is all possible because I am now 14. So for the next few weeks I will be preparing/studying the Alberta Drivers guide to help me succeed in passing the test.

Week 5

I had some blog posts to catch up, I realize that I have neglected it. Today we decided to focus on the parts we are not so good at in order for us to move on to the 3,4,5 etc page. We mostly practiced that and we were going to record a video but we took so many takes, that we did not get any good ones and we ran out of time. I was thinking maybe I could record it at home but it wont sound the same without the piano piece. I will decided but I might post it, so stay tuned.

– Ruby

Week 6,7,8 – Big Changes

Two weeks ago I took my cello home because the class of genius hour was all wasted on tuning my cello. My tuning was way off because the days are getting colder so the pegs moved dramatically, and I could not tune it. I took it to my cello teacher, whom by the way is wonderful at these sort of things. He fixed it up, but since it was really cold today my dad said I could not bring it because the wood is going break, he said it wasn’t worth ruining a cello, even if it is my spare cello. We had a chat with Gabriel and it was decided this isn’t going to work, since cold days keep coming. So I guess I have to find a new project. I have no clue what I’m going to do. I want to do something with my dog, but I wanted to do that come March since setting up her hoops and ramps works better outside. I could also do cooking but like everyone is doing that, but my uncle is a chef and he could help me. Great, now I need to start over and need a new idea. Great! If anyone has any suggestion please comment, I am in desperate need.

– Ruby

Week 3

Our violin player quit. It is now just me and Gabriel. Its fine though, peoples mind change. I brought my cello today, and I got to say it sounded pretty good. We had a a few visitors came to see and they said we sounded really good, even though today was our first practice. I practiced my cello “homework” as a warm up and I was surprised that it sounded okay considering my cello had not been tuned in a while and its 3/4. I play a full sized cello and have not played a 3/4 since grade 6?. We have decided to play Pachelbels’s Canon in D.


Week 4

I forgot my bow at home today, seems like I keep forgetting things. To avoid this problem any longer I decided to add a reminder to my phone. So that left no there choice but for me to do pizzicato. Pizzicato is a form of playing (usually for beginners) where one plucks the string. It sounded okay, but either way its the fingering I have to work on, bow or no bow the fingering is not affected. We were going to record a video but the downside of playing pizzicato is that its not very loud, so it will have to be another time. Regardless, I like how it is sounding. We got to the 2nd page of music so that’s a plus. I can’t wait to preform in February.

– Ruby

Week 2

This week was a bit chaotic and disastrous. I barely played my cello. I was sick for a week. Ontop of that I forgot my cello at home so I did not bring it to school to practice. Our practice mainly involved me holding the music while Gabriel and Rachel practiced. We were really lost on what we were going to play. It did not sound good. At ALL. Its okay though we have many weeks to practice. I am very confused on what we are doing. I hope Next week will be better and I remember to bring my cello.


Daily Update #1

Talking about what I briefly said in the last post, I want to explain more in dept of what we are doing. In the next few months we will be writing a piece for trios and learning to play it. What this will look like in the future is most likely us learning to play our own song at excellence. This will take lots of time and dedication. We will be using the application Musescore to make our own music. We also plan to bring our instruments to school and practice during our genius hour block. This is not certain yet, as you can imagine the difficulty of bring my cello to school on the bus. The most challenging part of our project is creating our music to be in complete harmony and also at the right time. Overall, we are very excited to begin our project.